magic bag of tricks

Anyone remember Felix the Cat? When I was small it was my favorite cartoon. Followed by Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse and Rocky and Bullwinkle (especially Mister Peabody!). Sadly, I do not have a Magic Bag of Tricks so I can’t whip out another FO to show you today. I have been working away on the Jumper Sweater and I’m almost finished with the decreases on the second half. I’d love to finish this before the end of Vestvember since it’s kind of a vest. We’ll see. I’m off next week, but the agenda is pretty full.

I’m leaving early on Saturday to head to New Haven and The Game. Then it’s off to New Jersey for the week where there will be many trips to various markets, and lots of cleaning and cooking. I also hope to spend some time scanning in family photos. I’d love to have DVD/CDs for everyone at Christmas. I’m going to focus on the oldest photos first (we have some of my great-grandparents) and then work my way forward.

Yeah, sure, I’ll have plenty of time for knitting next week. 😉


~ by Kat on November 18, 2009.

One Response to “magic bag of tricks”

  1. Have a good break!

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