hogwarts alert

Yesterday I met up with my Mom, brother and some family friends and their kids to attend The Game. None of us have an affiliation with either team but we went in support of my brother who, after living for over a decade in New Haven, has adopted Yale as his team. Yes, we gave him grief for wearing a Harvard Crimson colored fleece.

This is not the best of the photos that we took, but I just love how the creepily smiling guy in the background seems to have joined our clan. Makes me giggle every time I look at this.

This was my second time attending The Game and thankfully it was much warmer this year. Two years ago we were so cold sitting on the shady home side, I never thought I’d be warm again. With the warmer weather, the people watching improved dramatically. And there were some characters in attendance. Mike and I kept providing each other with “Hogwarts Alerts” whenever a uber-prep walked by. We were waiting for a game of Quidditch to break out. I must say it was the friendliest, funniest, long-time sporting rivalry event I’ve ever attended. Now that we have scoped the place out, we’ll be back in two years with our grill and keg and tent and lots more family members.


~ by Kat on November 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “hogwarts alert”

  1. Ooh – photo shop the creepy guy out. He’s giving me the willies. Ick.

    Sounds like a fun time was had by all at the gwfgwf.

  2. Hmm… that guy looks like it’s his mission to appear in the background of lots of photos…

    How’s JTP!?

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