the yellow poncho

I loved my yellow poncho. My Momma (maternal grandmother) knit it for me. My sister had a matching one in blue and we thought we were the bees knees. So hip and grown up with our fringed ponchos. Just like the cool HS girls who lived down the street.

Other than those ponchos, I can’t think of another thing my Momma ever knit. She did crochet a few afghans, but sadly they all disentegrated from over use when I was in HS. Momma was a doer. She stopped moving for two things: watching Lawrence Welk or As the World Turns on TV, or her pidda-widda time. She would usually iron or fold laundry during As the World Turns, but Lawrence Welk was sacred. My sister and I had to have our PJs on first and then the three of us would sit on the couch and watch together. My Momma cleverly keeping us entertained and quiet by peeling apples and doling them out as treats. It became a game to see if she could peel the apple in one piece (usually, yes). My favorite was the apple peel with just a bit of flesh on it.

Pidda-widda time was truly sacred. That was when she would sit in her rocking chair and pray with her prayerbook. Momma would do that several times a day and she was always mumbling the prayers to herself under her breath. I never knew if she was speaking Hungarian or English, but it always sounded like “pidda-widda” to us.

I’ve scanned over 1,000 old family photos in the last two days and it’s been a wonderful trip down memory lane. Only two trips to the gorcery store so far and as predicted, not one stitch knit since Java the Pup and I got back from the ER the other night. Cooking and cleaning frenzy commences tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who has asked about the Pup. She is doing MUCH better. Minimal coughing and we are both sleeping through the night. It’s driving her nuts now to be cooped up. She leaves my room only for her constitutionals. I’m net letting her interact with my parents’ dog at all, the last thing my Mom needs is a sick dog on her hands.

Wishing everyone safe travels tomorrow. So glad I am were I need to be.


~ by Kat on November 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “the yellow poncho”

  1. What a great trip down memory lane…

  2. A good time to remember and be thankful, indeed. Happy T-Day! (And yay for JTP!)

  3. such a cute photo! great memories going through all those photos! Glad to hear the pup is doing better. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. This post was just full of warm, loving memories. Thanks for sharing them with us. Have a wonderful holiday!

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