i love running

I found this during the scanning project. I had no idea that my parents even came to this race, much less snapped a picture of me. My parents rarely attended my athletic events. The only HS soccer game they came to was when we were in the state sectional finals (and got our collective a$$es handed to us by Ramapo).

Seeing this photo reminded me how much I love to run. Really. When I needed to escape, I would go out and run and find the Zone and all my troubles would disappear. Sony was just coming out with the Walkman, which was priced way beyond this babysitting HS student’s budget, so I never ran with music. Just me and my thoughts.

I was fast too. Got to the point where I was doing a hilly 5 miles in under 30 minutes and would regularly place in the local races. Don’t think I’ll ever see those times again, but it was nice to get out there today and go non-stop for 20 minutes. Felt good too. Tomorrow I’m going to throw another block in there and go for 25 minutes. I need to escape from some of this stress.


~ by Kat on November 28, 2009.

5 Responses to “i love running”

  1. Wow. 5 miles under 30?!? You’re awesome (even if it was the *past*)

  2. Who knew that a photo scanning project could be so healthy?

  3. Great memories! Sorry that I haven’t been commenting — I have been trouble seeing your archived posts and since I am usually a few days behind. I thought it was something that would just fix but it hasn’t — today I figured out to go to the site without the perma link and I could see your posts. Glad to see that you hung in with the daily blogging — it will be nice to go down to three or four days a week but I think I am back in the habit.

  4. this is awesome!

  5. My Cambridge son and his girlfriend are coming home for an early Christmas. So for fun, on the 19th we’ll be running (ok, fast walking) our local “Cable Bridge Run”. Nice cold 30 year old winter race.

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