heat wars

December 1st and I still haven’t turned on the heat.

I am hard core when it comes to heat wars. It also helps that I live in a condo building and get residual heat from my neighbors, and that my unit faces west so the afternoon sun warms it up. The temsp are suppposed to be mild this week. so I hope to make it another few days.

I crashed hard last night. No run and no knitting. I did manage to get the unpacking done and most things put away. Tonight is errand running, laundry and a run (damn it). I also need to make a yarn cake. I may not have knit last night, but I made progress this morning on the train. Need to wind up the third skein of Seacolors so I can start the neck shaping on the Jumper sweater. I’m so close to being done. So close!


~ by Kat on December 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “heat wars”

  1. Ack! *brrr* Darn Raynaud’s – I sure can’t get away with that.

  2. Oh! Can you email confirm your mailing address with me? I don’t think I sent you a copy of my gwfgwf cd last year, and I’ve meant to, since you came up with the acronym. đŸ™‚

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