Elizabeth M. Kovach 1899 – 1976

33 years ago today I went downstairs while I was getting ready for school and my grandmother asked me to get my dad, she wasn’t feeling well. She had recently had surgery and was recovering at our house in New Jersey. My Dad called the First Aid Squad, the First Aid Squad called the Paramedics. Eventually someone called the mortician.

Momma knit my yellow poncho. We used to watch “As the World Turns” and “Lawrence Welk” together. She was an amazing cook and there was always something going on in the kitchen. She was also religious and would spend time each day with her prayer book. (Affectionately known to the family as ‘pidda-widda-ing’.) She would speak Hungarian with her sister and I recall a bunch a Yiddish words as well. I loved listening to them.

I was only 12 when she passed, but I miss her terribly.

The Warga Sisters:  Helen, Gladys, Julia, Elizabeth

Momma and Poppy – Christmas in the 1960’s


~ by Kat on December 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “Elizabeth M. Kovach 1899 – 1976”

  1. Wonderful memories Kat 🙂

  2. She sounds pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing this little bit of her with us.

  3. That first picture could be my own older female relatives from that same period…

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