and someday, you’re gonna grow up and be a sweater!

Valley Shephard Creamery, Long Valley, NJ
Cheese and Lambing Tour – April 2009
(because every post should have a picture)

Today was the annual Yankee Swap with the knitting biddies. It’s a great bunch of women. Lots of fun and creativity and story telling. As much as I enjoy their company, they do not understand the concept of copywrong, so I make it a point to never bring the pattern that I am working on with me (unless it is a pattern that is available for free on the interwebs).

Whenever they are making copies for each other, I always decline one. We have had gentle conversations on the topic a few times, but they aren’t going to change. They’ve been knitting and swapping patterns for decades. Today, being at the one tricky bit in my current sweater project (Laura from Noro Catwalk by Jenny Watson), I broke my rule and brought the book. I thought everyone would be distracted by the pizza and swap and guests and I could get away with it. Wrong!

The book made the rounds and of course at the end of the lunch someone asked me to bring it in next time so that they could copy it. “Lots of neat patterns in there!” I was in the process of declining when we were interrupted with entertaining Yankee Swap silliness. I really don’t care how nicely you ask, I am not letting you copy an entire book of knitting patterns. If you like that many patterns in it, go buy a copy for yourself.

Never again, will I bring a pattern with me. From now on, Tuesday knitting (or any at work knitting) will only involve patterns that are available for free free via the interwebs. I am very happy to send them links to the blogs and websites of the many creative and talented and generous designers out there.


~ by Kat on December 8, 2009.

5 Responses to “and someday, you’re gonna grow up and be a sweater!”

  1. Hm, interesting. The two or three knitting groups I visit have never displayed a similar problem. I always bring patterns with me, and new books or magazines to share: to look through, admire the patterns (and for me to knit), but nobody has ever asked to photocopy. Perhaps because the groups are in coffee shops and pubs and not within easy reach of a photocopier. I would be a bit annoyed, too. Copyright and “hey, I paid for that! Why don’t you, too?”

  2. I’m sorry, I was so distracted by the cute picture that I have no idea what the rest of the post was about. 😉

  3. Cute pic 🙂 I agree 100%. I feel that way about any service or product I purchase. Reproduced recipes posted all over the web kills me too.

  4. Clearly, you’ll just have to keep forgetting the book until they forget and don’t ask for it again.

  5. How frustrating for you!

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