kinda ready

(the 1966 me as a Christmas angel. I was 2 and a half. Remember when “the half”s were important?)

All my time these last two weeks has been spent taking care of the pup or on a work project with a crazy deadline. Luckily I am one of those annoying people who shop for gwfgwf gifts throughout the year, so I am actually in good shape as long as no one is expecting a wrapped gift from me. I am stumped about what to get my nieces but I’ve got a few weeks to come up with something for them since they will be in Vermont for the holiday. (Bonus is that I get to take advantage of the post-Christmas sales!)

Once again I had grand plans to make some bark and caramels but the time gods have not allowed that to happen. I may bring the ingredients with me to NJ in case I have time down there. Why do I kid myself like that? I’ve got presents to wrap, photos to scan, some last minute knits in mind, a dog to care for, and of course helping Mom cook and clean for the various family gatherings. And yes, I will be working as well. Maybe I’ll just leave the candy fixins here as I do need to sleep at some point.

So, are you all ready for gwfgwf?


~ by Kat on December 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “kinda ready”

  1. Hahahahahahahaha! (Wow, that even looks like the hysterics my brain is having…)

  2. I’m far closer to ready than I thought I’d be. We’re hosting for the first time, so I’ve been crazy stressed out about that, but it’s coming together. I *think* I got the last of my shopping done this afternoon, and Hannah and I are planning to bake cookies tomorrow or Wednesday afternoon. the rest of the cooking with get put into motion on Thursday, and we’ll be juuust fine.

    How old are the nieces? Maybe I can suggest something helpful.

  3. Aw, look at the sweet little angel…

    *snort choke sputter*

    So not ready. Must find niece gift tomorrow!!!

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