something new and different

I tried curling today. (No crazy pants were spotted.)

I did see a couple of good falls. Surprisingly delivering the stone was the hardest part. It’s really tricky to push off from the hack, transfer your weight to the foot with the Teflon pad and release the stone in a straight line. I didn’t even attempt to curl the stone. The hardest part about sweeping was keeping up with the pace of the stone. They move really fast over the ice.

The members of Broomstones were wonderful. So helpful and enthusiastic about their sport. The club itself is warm and inviting. Large stone fireplace, pool table upstairs, a small bar for those who want to practice their 12 oz. curls and great seating on both levels for looking over the ice sheet.

I had a ball. So much fun. I hope to be curling for Donrovia in Sochi.

Those Olympians make it look so easy.


~ by Kat on March 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “something new and different”

  1. Oh my gosh – I’m so jealous! Where did you find this place?

  2. That sounds like a blast! The curling nationals are in Kalamazoo this month, and a bunch of us might go check them out.

  3. Really, where is this? I need to send my son, the curler!! (someday I’ll post a picture of their team trophy) He and Knitting Hubby learned to curl on Wisconsin ice a few years back. But my love for curling goes way way back!

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