June was a busy month. Started off with my parked car getting hit and included trips to Squam, Fenway, the ER, and Aberdeen, South Dakota. It took all month to sort out the insurance paperwork and Ginny the Jeep is finally back where she belongs.

Squam was fantastic. In spite of the miserable allergy conditions, I loved it. I took classes with Jared Flood (Introduction to Colorwork, Seamless Sweaters, and A Taste of Lace) and Beth Brown-Reinsel (Norwegian Purl) and Denny McMillan (Beginning Spindle Spinning). Yes, I stalked Jared. He is worthy of the stalking. So are Beth and Denny. I learned so much and it was nice to have some of the knitting tricks I had taught myself over the years validated.

The trip to Aberdeen was interesting. South Dakota is really, really, really, flat. Like really flat. Best part of the trip was the biplane ride. The project finished early on Thursday and there was wireless to be found (so I could not continue working), so I went to the airport early and hopped a ride with the Candyman. So. Much. Fun. The American Barnstormers Tour was at Saunders Field and for $60 (and NO paperwork!) you could take a ride. If you ever have the chance, go.

I wonder what July will dish out.


~ by Kat on July 7, 2010.

One Response to “June”

  1. What fun to fly in a biplane! I’m jealous!

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