Pink Martini


Such a wonderful night of music. Tonight I went to see Pink Martini at the Orpheum tonight and it was wonderful.  They opened with their version of Ravel’s Bolero – just amazing – and I could feel the stress melt away.  (It’s true, music does soothe the soul.)  I need to listen to more music, that’s one thing that I have gotten away from since the car isn’t part of the commute and I don’t really listen to the radio any more.  So what are some of your favorite artists?  I feel some music exploration coming on….


~ by Kat on November 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “Pink Martini”

  1. I know! Their version of Bolero is just amazing – I was riveted when I saw them. I tracked Dow a digital version of it and a friend of mine – an amazing skater – skates to it.

  2. Michael Franti’s music always makes me happy. Eddie from Ohio, Dar Williams, Ellis Paul, Erin Mckeown, the Indigo Girls, and Richard Shindell are favorites, too.

  3. What a great night.. you def deserve these nights out!

  4. I second Eddie from Ohio and Erin McKeown, and also suggest Jill Sobule – I saw Jill and Erin in concert last year and loved them both.

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