NaNoBloMo – No-No

Back in October I had the best of intentions. When November rolled around there never seemed to be enough time. When there was enough time, I was enjoying being unplugged from the matrix. So yeah, NaNoBloMo was a big Fail, but November was wonderful. It started out awful, but finished on a high note. Here’s hoping the momentum continues through the end of the year.

The November break consisted of an Aimee Mann concert with my sister (awesome!), attendance at the annual work related geek fest in DC (awesome!), and quality time off with the family.  Over the November break I did manage to finish three knitting projects, so look for some FO posts soon. (I really should get out there and take the photos today – the weather is just gorgeous.) I also managed to start running again. My SIL and I are going to keep each other motivated and are signing up for a race this spring. We need an outside goal to keep us motivated.

So far my runs have been between 2 and 3 miles and at a really slow pace, but it feels really good to be moving again.


~ by Kat on November 29, 2010.

One Response to “NaNoBloMo – No-No”

  1. Yeah, I blew it a few days in when my scheduled posts didn’t work right. This last week, I’ve been a slacker, too!

    Glad to hear your November ended on a high note!

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