NaNoBloMo 2011 Edition

Let’s try this again. (I’m usually pretty successful with it, just not very successful at blogging the other 11 months of the year.)

As you may remember, I live in a very small condo.  Really small.  It’s cozy and affordable and within walking distance of all the important things (like pubs and parks).  But it is lacking in storage.  Since I moved in 7 years ago, the stash has grown.  I swear those skeins are just like bunny rabbits, and those sock yarns really are tramps.  With the sock yarn collection bursting at the seams, I’ll be putting some up for “adoption” this month.  So if you fancy some Socks That Rock, don’t wander off to far.  Last night I couldn’t handle going through the sock yarn stash (that’s a weekend task), so I went after part of the book and pattern collection.

Noro Catwalk Jenny Watson Book 1

Classic Weekend Book Eight (Cashoft Aran collection)

Rowan Plaid Collection by Kim Hargreaves

Also up for grabs are two beginner’s drop spindles (the chunky wood kind) and a pair of small sock blockers (Ladies 5-6).

No coincidence that I have been watching episodes of “Hoarders” and “Clean House” recently.  None at all.


~ by Kat on November 1, 2011.

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