PMC – Year 5

Yep, I signed up again.  This year, on August 4-5th, I will be riding in my fifth Pan Mass Challenge.

PMC Day One – only 109 miles.
And it only looks like it is downhill.  Actually it’s a teensy bit more because we ride over the bridge on Saturday after refueling at Mass Maritime to get to our hotel (nothing, and I mean NOTHING, like a hot shower and a real bed after riding 100+ miles).
Day One is an incredible day, and I know I will be in tears at several points during the ride. Not out of pain or frustration, but at those incredible displays of human spirit. The spectators and cheerleaders at Sturbridge as thousands of riders pull onto Route 20 in the dawn light; seeing the Survivors peddaling along; and the crowd on Cherry St (Mwah! you guys are the best!). But my favorite has to be the Survivor who stands on a lawn (just before Cherry St.) and acknowledges each and every rider – she pounds her chest, points and says “thank you” – she leaves me a muddy puddle every year. I hope to see her again this year.Please help me beat cancer. 100% of your donation goes to the Dana Farber.



~ by Kat on June 29, 2012.

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