About me


Kat’s the name and babbling is the game.

My formative years were spent in New Jersey, although I’ve lived in Massachusetts longer than anywhere else. My work/play balance is way out of whack, which has a lot to do with my single status. When I’m not working, I enjoy knitting, hiking, soccer, and pints of Guinness and usually find a way to combine at least two of those activities.

I work too much.

So why Super Guppy for the blog name?
Simple, because I like it. Super Guppy. Is it a band? The newest cartoon on Adult Swim? A funky super hero? Or just a great place to store the yarn stash? Oh, just think of the stash you could store in a Super Guppy (41,000 pounds of yarn!). I wonder if the Pima Museum folks would mind opening up a yarn store annex. Heck, the propellers would make excellent (and efficient) swifts with just a few minor modifications.


7 Responses to “About me”

  1. Not sure if you rember me from Sugarloaf, but I was woundering if you knew what happened to the Ski Camp? I can not find any info on or about it.
    Sugarloafer 81 to 92

  2. I know it’s you……and have been searching…Monika and the kids and I are headed up on Sat. for the whole holiday @ Dani & Barry’s staying at their house on West Mtn ….Get A hold of me girl…I miss you and love the web sight ……

  3. PS…send me your phone #s to my E-mail

  4. Forgot to mention,just talked to GGD to let him know we are coming up…he sounds great, can’t wait to see him and Derek..send me a note !!!!!
    Hope you get this (these) soon….I will have this toy with me @ the loaf….Butchie

  5. Hey You!
    Hope you are in touch with those great Sugar Loafers!!!

    Time for a reunion???

  6. Kat I have pm’d you on ravelry…please check your box..thanks!

  7. kat, it’s jane from ski camp! what a great find to see your site and all these photos from ski camp. love the one of donnie the driver. seems like yesterday. how are you these days?

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