Starting Over

•January 5, 2013 • 3 Comments

The gwfgwf* season is almost behind us and a season of “new” is upon us. I’m not one for resolutions per se, but taking time to reflect on the past and think about the future and what you want out of it and make changes are a good thing. I try to do this a couple of times a year, January (it’s a big band wagon, I think there is room for me), in the spring (something about those those longer days and the warmer temps and the annual spring clean), and September (the start of the school year habit is hard to kick).

Goals for this year:
1. Keep the bike commute streak going. Started that back in March of 2012 and haven’t taken the T since. It’s wonderful.

2. Keep the smart food choices going. I lost 30 pounds in 2012 and would like to lose a few more. I don’t “diet”, but make changes in my diet.

3. Be more open. This is going to be really hard. Going to take baby steps here.

4. See the glass as half full. Another hard one. My choice of occupation doesn’t help, but I’m just going to have to find the right glass.

5. Move. Been in my current place for 8 years, time for more space. This is the easiest thing on my list.

*gwfgwf = (pronounced gwiff-gwiff) generic winter festive gathering with food. Covers everything from Thanksgiving through the Super Bowl. Hope you all had a Happy Merry gwfgw!


Java the Pup

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The strangest thing happened when we left Obedience Class today.

I’m lucky enough to live a few miles from Angell Memorial, one of the top vet hospitals in the US. Ringo’s vet is there. Java’s vet was there. RIngo and I have been going to Obedience Classes there, we go to the dog run there. I’ve been to Angell at least once a week since May. Angell is also where Java and I went on our last trip together. I think about her every day, and whenever I drive by ‘the room’ (it’s a very nice room and the staff were wonderful), I think about that moment.

Today as we were driving by after class (Yay Ringo! Top student!), I felt this overwhelming WHOOSH “there you are! I’ve missed you! I’ve been looking for you! OMG I finally found you” in my chest. And the tears and relief and grief were instant and free flowing.

I’ve always believed in spirits (when you’ve felt them, there is no denying it). Now I believe in animal spirits.

Strange, but no denying it.


•July 30, 2012 • 3 Comments

Introducing Ringo, the new man in my life. He’s a two year old Shepherd mix that I adopted from the Animal Rescue League in Boston at the end of May. He’s a charmer and a goofball.

He’s originally from Kentucky where he went through Camp Canine – an obedience training program where the pups live with prisoners for several weeks while learning basic obedience. He’s a counter surfer, ball and small furry critter obsessed, and an absolute love. He’s not the people loving, mellow soul that Java the Pup was, but an adventurous, “what’s that?” soul that loves life.

Since we’e been together, I don’t think there has been a day where he has not made me laugh out loud. Love this pup.

PMC – Year 5

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Yep, I signed up again.  This year, on August 4-5th, I will be riding in my fifth Pan Mass Challenge.

PMC Day One – only 109 miles.
And it only looks like it is downhill.  Actually it’s a teensy bit more because we ride over the bridge on Saturday after refueling at Mass Maritime to get to our hotel (nothing, and I mean NOTHING, like a hot shower and a real bed after riding 100+ miles).
Day One is an incredible day, and I know I will be in tears at several points during the ride. Not out of pain or frustration, but at those incredible displays of human spirit. The spectators and cheerleaders at Sturbridge as thousands of riders pull onto Route 20 in the dawn light; seeing the Survivors peddaling along; and the crowd on Cherry St (Mwah! you guys are the best!). But my favorite has to be the Survivor who stands on a lawn (just before Cherry St.) and acknowledges each and every rider – she pounds her chest, points and says “thank you” – she leaves me a muddy puddle every year. I hope to see her again this year.Please help me beat cancer. 100% of your donation goes to the Dana Farber.


Eye Candy Friday

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Paint Chip Garlands on the Deephaven Path.

-Rockywold-Deephaven Camp, Squam Lake, NH

Squam Yarn Bomb – Year 2

•June 14, 2012 • 2 Comments

And the best year yet!  Once again, Jenn  (Siercia on Ravelry) organized a fabulous bomb. Several knitters contributed no longer needed swatches and larger pieces of knitting for ‘tree huggers’ (I LOVE that someone sent Jenn a package addressed to ‘The Yarn Bomber’.). Since I have spent much of 2012 on the knitting DL, my contribution was several hundred pom-poms which were used to adorn garlands, trees, buildings, furniture, and canoes. A yet-to-be-identified crafter created wonderful paint chip garlands that swung in the breeze on the path to Deephaven. (Dear YTBIC, Did you also contribute the heart garland?  That was so pretty, but it disappeared before I could snap a photo of it.)  There was also a tiny little pennant garland hovering at the base of a tree.  Perfectly adorable above the archway in the tree base.  (If you were the artist, please let me know.)

And while the paint chip garlands were wonderful and inspired and so gosh darn colorful, my favorite bomb was the owls.  Oh the owls!  I first heard about them from my friend Carol.
Carol: “Hey! Did you see the owl?”
Me: ” What owl? I heard loons last night, but not an owl.”
Carol:  “No silly, the yarn owl.  The one over by Greenwood.”
Me:  “WHAT?!?  There are wooly owls in the wild?  That’s awesome!”
At the next meal, the creator happened to toss a few at our table.
Stephanie  (soyknits on Ravelry) did a wonderful job creating the owls.  Each one was different.  Each one had it’s own personality.  And they were the buzz of RDC.  So fun spotting them in the wild.  Folks would adopt them as their own, or pick them up and move them to a different spot.  Those owls are tricksy.  I am now fostering two of them until next year’s Squam.  (Neither one has been neutered yet, so they may procreate between now and then.  Heh.)
And the ideas are already brewing for next year’s bomb.  Wait until you see what the poms will be doing next.
Tree Hugger contributors:
Danelover (Ravelry link)
Huge thanks to everyone who contributed!  Seeing all the yarny surprises around RDC, made be smile.

Needle Point, Squam Lake NH

•June 11, 2012 • 1 Comment

Re-entry is hard. Next year, please remind me to take off the Monday after Squam.