F*** yeah!

Manny can be Manny all he wants, if does that in key situations.  Anybody know if the ball has come down yet?

I’m worried about tomorrow afternoon, I won’t be working late and therefore won’t miss the first inning like I have all series.  I hope it doesn’t jinx the boys. I’ll have to go run an errand or something around three to keep the streak the going.


~ by Kat on October 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “Unbelievable”

  1. I will be working also and my wanna be big boss asshole is the guy in charge so I won’t be able to leave early.
    S^^^, What am I going to do.?

  2. I fell asleep watching the game (long day) and woke up with Manny at the plate. I really thought I was dreaming. I jumped out of bed and woke up my wife, the dog and anyone else in the neighborhood. Great walk-off.

  3. Hell yeah!

    And they do it again! Yay!

    I am convinced that they only lose when I watch. It’s torture when it’s, you know, playoffs, but a small price to pay if they’ll only keep doing well.


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